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By Baeth Davis

Do you have the “Medical Stigmata,” also known as the “Gifted Healer” marking in your hands?

In the hands, the healer marking can show up as a special fingerprint on the left little finger or in the palm of either hand as a series of vertical lines under the little finger that appears like this:

Healer (‘Medical Stigmata’) Gift Marking

Each vertical has a special meaning. You require at least 4 verticals in this location to ‘qualify’ for this gift.

  • 4 verticals indicate you have the insight and wisdom of the healer.
  • 5 verticals indicate you are ready to slay an inner dragon (‘healer heal thyself’) and step into your healing work.
  • 6 verticals indicate that healing is a major aspect of your life and must be something you are PAID to do professionally.
  • 7 or more verticals indicate you are the “healer to healers.” You are the healer other healers come to for insight and healing. They are your ‘target market.’

The healer specializes in deep, meaningful one-on-one communications. The healer is a deep listener and a thoughtful question-asker, advice-giver and consultant.

Typical professions for the healer include mentoring, coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, and the metaphysical arts (tarot reading, astrology, hand analysis, etc.). Many healers also work in holistic and Western medicine. The key here is the connection with the client.

Some healers plateau in their craft and become bored without sufficient verbal and/or written communication with the client. For example, if you have this gift marking, and you only do body work, it may not be sufficient for deep communication and you may grow bored.

You are a transformational catalyst and a cheerleader for the success of your clients. You help them see where they are off the mark and help them integrate their body, mind and soul into one congruent unit. You understand that healing resides within your client as their birthright and you facilitate the remembering of their true self.

For you, it is essential that YOUR healing is a priority. If you neglect yourself to care for others, you are on the student path, rather than the master path, of the healer. To heal yourself and help others open to their own healing, you are guided to trust the process and surrender to life’s unfolding, rather than always needing to know “why.” The need to know why can actually get in the way of your healing and that of your clients. Patience, oh patient!

It is more important to help your clients see the connection between their thoughts, emotions and actions and help them resolve any blocks to feeling good and joyful about their lives and their dreams.

If you resist the call to heal, it will show up primarily in your intimate, romantic life. The reason for this is two-fold. The first reason is technical; the marking shows up in the intimacy zone of the hand. Secondly, if you don’t communicate as fully as you are designed to do, communication shuts down everywhere – and it hurts the most with your beloved. So, if you have this gift and you find that you are single, estranged or in a communication stand-off with your sweetie, it’s time to heal yourself and assist others in healing their lives. This will reveal your next steps.



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