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Clearing Your Space

A house cleansing or clearing is a spiritual practice or ritual that removes stagnate, negative, chaotic energy from a home and the land it was built upon, allowing good, positive abundant energy into your space.

Just by living in a home, negative energies are brought in and out. In times of frustration, worry, anger or discord, this brings energy into the home, where it accumulates over time. This can occur more in a home, when there has been disharmony, illness, or death.

Clearing a home of negative, stagnant energy by those that built the home or lived there before you, can be helpful bringing in good, positive energy and raising the energy vibration of the home to be more pleasant, healing and positive. By clearing and cleansing the home, it's then ready for a house blessing.

A house blessing is a ritual that brings in positive, harmonious, affirming, peaceful and productive energy that you desire in your home and around you and your loved ones.

Our home is a sanctuary, our sacred space. It's where we go to relax, be ourselves, and to get away from the energies of the big world out there. It's where we spend time with our loved ones, our pets, our plants, creating and enjoying life by letting our hair down, so to speak. A house blessing will intensify the positive energies of peace and love, abundance, harmony and even productivity in your home.

When a home is filled with harmony it becomes a place of peace and renewal where we recharge and refresh our lives. Blessing a house honors it and creates a sacred space for the people living there.

Just as a person or house should be physically clean, they should also be spiritually clear. Keeping your sacred space spiritually cleansed and clear promotes emotional healing and an all around healthy well being.

Cleansing and clearing your home can be done at anytime you feel it may help or when things begin to feel a big negative or the energy around you feels sluggish and stagnant.

There are many ways to do a cleansing or clearing of your homes energy. I like to burn white sage, sweet grass or cedar herbal bundles. They come in different sizes and can be burned by holding one end of the bundle in your hand or in a fire proof container of your choice. This is called "Smudging." I always open a few windows, allowing good, clean, positive air to flow in and to allow the negative, stagnant, energy/air to flow out. I also use a small cast iron cauldron or brass bowl to burn loose herbs in or resin incense with charcoal tablets. Burning incense is also a good way to cleanse energy. Frankincense, vanilla, cinnamon, nag champa, patchouli, cedar, copal and rose are all good incense scents due to their properties, warmth and good energies. Always have good ventilation when smudging or burning incense, especially if you're sensitive to smoke.

With Smudging and Incense smoke, I use my hand to spread the smoke around the room or a feather, making sure it gets into every corner and every room of the house. As I do this, I say a chant, prayer or blessing, affirming that all negative energy or that associated with it, must leave this house, it is not welcome. I see each space, each room, each corner, filled with white light, blessing and believing that all negative is gone, because it cannot stay where there is light! I say thank you to SpiritGod and the angels and other "helpers/spirits" of the light for helping me and believe all is well.

You can also use natural oils and candles. Burning the oil in a diffuser or dropping it into a pot or heat safe container with boiling water, to allow it to spread the aroma out into the air. Use natural soy or vegetable wax candles for better positive energy. Candles are good to burn because they attract good spirits and divine energy. Even the lighting of a candle is good intention and a physical act of intending and attracting positive energy to your space. I use a white candle because white can be used for any purpose, its your intention that's necessary. You can use whatever color or scented candle you wish, I just prefer white for purity, protection, manifestation and healing. Different color candles stand for different intentions, but I'll write about that another time. (smile)

If you cannot tolerate smoke, you can create an Aromatherapy mist from herbs, flowers, gems and essential oils and the power of intention. Citrus, pine, cinnamon and healing scents and oils work well with a healing herbs like arnica, chammomile, St.Johnswort and ginger, just to name a few. Citrus scents are helpful with energy, cinnamon or vanilla are warm and inviting, pine and cedar help with cleansing and flowers each have their own energies as well as crystals and gems. There are so many to choose from!

I almost forgot to add that bells, chimes and wind chimes help with good energy and to keep away negative energy. I have bells hanging on my door knobs of my back door and brass Tibetan chimes on my front door. I always have wind chimes on my porches and decks, near my doorways or entrances to help with good energy too. Some people hang chimes or bells in thier windows too.

Once I've done my cleansing, clearing and home or space blessing, the same can be done on your property and also with the sprinkling of sea salt at the corners of your property, your driveway and doorways of your home. I pick a few sprigs of holly and hang them over each entry and exit doorway. Holly is a sacred greenery used for protection, to keep unwanted spirits, animals and negative energy away!

These are just a few ways to cleanse your home and a few things I do in and around my own home and property. Remember that your intentions are important when doing anything like cleansing, clearing, blessings and even with Feng Shui. Creating a positive and clean space is important for our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Have fun and be safe when burning or spraying anything in your home, using common sense. Blessings~



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