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     Thought Vibration is one of our highest “senses”.  It works almost like radio-waves although radio-waves are in our realm of physical perception. What you think and feel creates your aura that can be felt and absorbed by others.  And, what other people think and feel can be felt and absorbed by you. Thought vibrations are significant and so powerful we can affect and manifest our dreams.

    Increasing your thought vibrations is more than just repeating a few positive affirmations.  You need to change your whole mental attitude. Surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people is crucial.  I think of it as “Feeding Positivity”.  When you feed something it grows, strengthens, and becomes healthy.  The same holds true for “Starving Negativity”. When you ignore the negative, it becomes small, insignificant, and in medical terms..you create “Failure to Thrive” so eventually...GOODBYE NEGATIVITY :-D

     So many steps can be taken to increase your Thought Vibration and in essence brighten your radiant aura.  Your vibrations are positively affected by meditation, prayer, and my favorite REIKI :-D

Eating healthy, singing in the shower, dancing, hanging out with your favorite people, cleansing your chakras, lighting candles, visualizing and re-energizing your dreams.

     Claim your power for control of life, aura, happiness and love...AND “Learn how to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass”.
By Debbie Fragetti


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