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The Seven Chakras
The seven chakras are generally thought of as being centers of energy within the human body, aligned with the spine, which correspond to our feelings, and emotional and behavioral characteristics. Each chakra is also commonly associated with an organ and bodily function, and is usually represented by a color, and a 1-7 numbering system. Other sensual aspects are associated with the chakras depending on the interpretation and doctrine, for instance shapes and sounds, and human development from conception to maturity.

A person's body, mind and spiritual well-being are balanced and healthy when all of their chakras are 'clear'. When chakras are 'blocked', the related functions and feelings will be adversely affected; also the balance of the person is upset because other chakras are forced to compensate.

The seven chakras (numbered according to the chakra system) are located at the following points of the body, along the line of the spine:

  1. base of the spine
  2. lower abdomen/lower back (below navel)
  3. solar plexus (between the navel and base of sternum, which is the central vertical bone in the rib-cage)
  4. heart (center of chest)
  5. throat (base of neck)
  6. brow (lower forehead, between eyes)
  7. crown (top of the head)

The lower chakras govern our more basic instincts related to survival and physical self.

The higher chakras govern our mental characteristics and feelings related to thought and consciousness.

Logically the central chakra - the heart - arguably bridges the two, being strongly linked both to physical and emotional feelings.

When all chakras are open and balanced, the mind, body and spiritual self, are healthy. Reiki is one of several techniques and methodologies which can 'open' or 'free' chakras that are blocked (which causes other chakras to become over-active), and thereby to restore a person's natural balance.

the seven chakras

chakra number chakra name position in body associated feeling or emotion other associated aspects associated color
1 root base of spine survival, bodily connection, security earth, physical red
2 sacral lower abdomen, lower back, below navel sexuality and
emotional stability, adaptability, movement
water, emotional orange
3 solar plexus, navel or power between navel and base of sternum personal power, independence, energy, metabolism fire, ego yellow
4 heart center of chest love, self-acceptance, reconciles opposing forces, feelings and entities air, social green
5 throat base of neck creativity, expression,
communication, vibratory awareness (language and sound)
sound, creative blue
6 third eye or brow between eyebrows intuitive insight, conceptual awareness light, fundamental indigo
7 crown top of head spiritual connection, higher
thought, universal

violet or purple



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