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The Third Eye

     The Third Eye, also known as the sixth chakra or the eye of knowledge is opened by a spiritual awakening.  It is connected to the pineal gland. This gland is the size of a pea and is smack in the middle of the brain.  It is photosensitive, releases melatonin and controls the circadian cycle.

     Opening the third eye is not a goal or agenda.  Goals and agendas stem from the ego, whereas the third eye is stimulated by a deep connection of spiritual growth and higher consciousness by healing and clearing blocks.  In essence the third eye is a link between the physical and spiritual world, expanding your awareness and seeing reality on many levels and dimensions.

     It is the center of guidance, intuition and psychic perception.  The Third Eye is directly affected by the vibrations you emit.  If you are a positive, happy and peaceful  (as I've stated previously) your vibrational level will be elevated and therefore you will be able to see higher dimensions.  If your negative, your vibrational level will be low and this can be a scary spiritual insight. 

     Opening the third eye, you will be directly affected by the world around you.  Being around positive, healthy people isn’t a problem, but if negative energy is surrounding you it can be very draining.  Protective meditation and prayer can prevent this.

     To have “True Sight” and high spiritual insight...See and experience everything as if its the first time, stay positive, live in the moment and come back to your childlike innocence :-D


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